Call for tender: Design and print of Eurochild Semester Report 2018

Eurochild’s 2018 report on the European Semester is planned for design and print.

The report will highlight how 22-24 countries are addressing socio-economic policies to target child poverty and well-being and provide an assessment of the 2018 European Commission country reports of the European Semester across Europe. It will draw common messages in relation to the European Semester. The profiles will contain one quote each to be highlighted and some will also include statistics. We would like to feature photographs throughout the report.

Eurochild is seeking a designer to undertake the design, layout and printing of this publication.

Specifications of the publication:

·       A visual identity similar to Eurochild’s 2015; 2016 and 2017 reports; including a new image for the cover, created for the publication.

·       The format of the publication is expected to be A4 landscape, approx.60 pages in colour

·       Estimated number of copies to be printed: 150 


Delivery of copy to designer: End-June 2018

Copy (text, graphs) to be provided by Eurochild; Designer may be requested to identify stock images relevant for use.

Expected date of delivery of printed publications in Brussels: 1 September 2018

We request a proposal for an offer detailing availability (number of days required), portfolio of past work and estimated costs for design and print to Prerna Humpal, Head of Communications.

Deadline for proposals: 31 May 2018