The Unfolding Conference

Nurturing a culture that allows each and every child to unfold their unique potential and to engage in society

This event brings together a broad range of international professionals in a conference focused on mutual learning. How can we move beyond the rhetoric of children's rights and well-being? How can we implement innovative ideas by partnering with children?

One event in three parts

You can choose how to take part in the conference in a way that is tailored to your preferences. This conference has been designed as a whole experience, so hopefully you will be able to join for the full duration. However, you can combine the elements of this event in three parts in the way that best fits your needs.

Reflecting together - Wednesday, 23 October

  • Welcome reception, panel discussion and round table dinner conversations

Insights and dynamic learning - Thursday,  24 October

  • A whole day of key-note speeches and interactive workshops

Getting involved: Open Space - Friday & Saturday, 25-26 October

  • One day and a half in an Open Space Technology Session

Eurochild is activly supporting this event organised by the Learning for Well-being Consortium and the Alliance for Childhood. The Universal Education Foundation, ELIANT, IASWECE, EPTO and CEJI are participating; the event is hosted by the Higher Institute for Family Sciences.

Find all information in the conference brochure.

The conference website:

Contact the organisers: unfolding2013(at)gmail(dot)com