Eurochild Children’s Council

The first Eurochild Children’s Council (ECC) and the new Child Participation Reference Group (CPRG) will work towards mainstreaming children’s voices through all of Eurochild’s work, with a focus on events, advocacy and strategy planning. They support the Eurochild network in reaching a gold standard in participatory practice by 2020. The mandate for both groups is just under two years – from July 2017 until April 2019. 

The Eurochild Children’s Council is made up of 11 individuals aged 10-16 years. All members have been endorsed by a member organisation of Eurochild.

The first Eurochild Children's Council is composed of the following:
  • Angelina, Ukraine, 15; 
  • Anna, Greece, 15; 
  • Arthur, Finland, 16;
  • Dalia, Estonia, 15; 
  • Ilian, Bulgaria, 16; 
  • Jan, Croatia, 13; 
  • Kaja, Slovenia, 15; 
  • Konstantinos, Greece, 16; 
  • Sharon  Malta, 13; 
  • Simonida, Serbia, 15;
  • Xabier, Spain, 16


Children's participation is important because...

"It makes the world a better place." - Jan
"We all deserve a happy childhood." - Kaja
"Our voices must be heard." - Dalia



"Europe needs to strive to get closer to children. It needs to find new ways to get in touch with the reality of children coming from diverse backgrounds. No child is voiceless- it's just a matter of whether that child is given the chance to use that voice." - Sharon,13, Malta

Child Participation Reference Group

Eurochild’s Child Participation Reference Group aims to support the Eurochild Children's Council and the National Eurochild Forums. They will develop training material and support children in Eurochild's activities. CPRG members will share their expertise and learn from experiences from across Europe, as well as contribute to increasing participatory practices and improving its quality across Europe. 

The Child Participation Reference Group is made up of 13 individuals over the age of 18. All members  work or volunteer for a member organisation of Eurochild. 

The members of the Children Participation Reference Group are:

  • Britta Kaufhold, Children´s Foundation Germany; 
  • Cath Larkins, University of Central Lancashire, UK; 
  • Ivan Tancabel, Society "Our Children" Opatija, Croatia;
  • Jonathan Levy, Initiatives & Changement France;
  • Julia Todorova, National Network for Children, Bulgaria;
  • Lynne Hill, Children in Wales, UK;
  • Maria Stephens, Children's Rights Alliance for England, UK; 
  • Michal Dord, Second After, Czech Republic; 
  • Nigel Thomas, University of Central Lancashire, UK; 
  • Ninetta Kazantzis, Pancyprian Coordinating Committee for the Protection and Welfare of Children, Cyprus;
  • Rania Papadopoulou, the Smile of the Child, Greece;
  • Tricia Young, Child To Child, UK
  • Veronica Smits, Tilburg University, Netherlands;

Why is child participation important to you?

"Because children are experts of their own lives." - Britta
"Because it's a basic human right." - Cath
"It's essential for positive social change!" - Maria
"Listening is a prerequisite for empowering." - Michal